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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hello World!

Grabe talaga ako masyado na akong nawiwili sa internet, kanina pa yata ako rito, three or four hours, grabe na talaga, tomorrow may pasok pa ako sa work. Just want to share my works, busy na naman kasi ang mommy for the preparations of my little angel first birthday, malayo pa ito, by january 2 pa, but as usual gusto ko napaghahandaan ko para nakikita ko even the small details kapag may bago pang ideas mapapalitan ko pa. I am surfing the net for baby's tinkerbell theme, para bang fairy world ang dating ng gusto kong birthday nya, i have lots of ideas na, i am also looking for new ideas from mommies like me, so, i start joining smartparenting. com, very interesting sya and very dedicated talaga ang mga mommies.

hay, sobrang kulit na my beautiful baby, ang daldal pati mana sa mommy nya, LOL.

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