Fairy Cakes for your Wedding

Saturday, September 06, 2008

There has been a major change in style at weddings in recent times. The change extends to and encompasses the wedding cake too, as it does almost every other aspect of the wedding. Today, you can pick an unusual and definitely unconventional wedding cake to be a sort of centerpiece, a theme setter of your wedding reception, especially if you have a themed wedding and the cake goes with the unusual theme you have chosen.

The thing to be kept in mind, while shopping for a wedding cake today, is to decide on the style, of wedding, as well as the wedding cake. These days, the traditional white wedding cake in the old shapes and styles has given way to different designs and fillings. Wedding trends, like all other trends in our world, have developed alongside, and hand in hand with the latest trends in fashion. As those trends have changed, favoring pastel shades over darker colors, blues, and lilacs and silver have become popular colors for weddings, with an accent on minimalist designs.

Trends have changed to more understated design. For example, a cake with all its tiers stacked together, one after another, instead of having columns; or one decorated with real flower arrangements; or a sponge cake, instead of the richer but traditional fruit cake. You can also choose to have each tier in a different flavor or color, matching with the wedding colors. Another idea is to have one tier of traditional round or square cake, and use a wedding fairy cake collection for the others. Fairy Cakes are very simple plain cup cakes, which can be enhanced by decoration. You can either choose to have your wedding fairy cakes decorated in suitable colors to match and become part of your wedding cake; or to fit with the theme of the wedding. You can also personalize your wedding fairy cakes with the name of each guest.

So, basically, fairy cakes can either add to your personal message in any color, or be decorated with the designs to match the theme of your choice alternatively. Named wedding fairy cakes can make excellent place markers at tables. Wedding fairy cakes can also be made into many different shapes, including hearts, stars and butterflies, and used to add a little something to the wedding cake. These cakes can very easily be coordinated with either, the central theme and colors of the wedding and the reception, or with the main cake.

Although technically described as fairy cakes, wedding fairy cakes can be much larger, more muffin-like as far as size is concerned. As an idea for something different, you might want to have small individually made wedding fairy cakes for each of your guests. A lot of cake makers, make these cakes in several designs and a lot of colors to coordinate with wedding themes and they will also help you with ideas for their innovative use.

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