A Dream Come True - my article for Oh Cutie Baby Magazine

Monday, December 29, 2008

When I was a child, I dreamt of a family, a father, a mother and lots of children. When I married at a young age of 22, I thought that having a baby was very easy just like the other teenage mother around me but my belief was wrong. I have been through two pains of dealing with miscarriage and the loss of hope for having a child but came 2007 a year of bitter sweet memories, after coping with the loss of a love one and enjoying the happiness of our dream church marriage and come again another loss of a beloved father, a miracle unexpectedly struck our lives and in the middle of my grief, a new joy and new beginnings come up in our door.

"When I found out I was pregnant, it was like a roller coaster of emotions." I took a pregnancy test and break the news to my husband, I was very nervous than anything, afraid of losing again my baby and thinking the finances that would come along the way. As the idea grew in me, I became more excited than ever. In my excitement I bring out again all my pregnancy books from the storage and started reading it all over again. It was very fulfilling. For the first few weeks I felt a little bit sick and because of my previous cases of miscarriage, I was instructed by my doctor to have a three months leave from office for the baby to grow inside my womb. Afraid of having another miscarriage, I took extra peculiar of doing what my doctor told me to do, eating nutritious foods and not missing a single vitamin which I rarely did before. But still there are times that I felt sad and the anxiety of thinking if I am ready to do this and the grief of losing my father.

But along the way my husband Mel, helped me through my anxiety. He stays beside me and helps me cope up. At the time of my baby’s birth, I have to undergo cesarean because my baby already made her vowel inside my womb. It was again a very worrying experience for me but when she was born, it was a different story, it was really completely overwhelming. It was joy, happiness, bewilderment in one. It was a sense of relief that the labor was over and she was healthy. She was screaming, which is exactly what my doctor want, I was tear eyed to hear her sweet sound in my ears. It was really amazing. There I thought to myself that the saying was really true, that happiness comes to those who wait. Now my waiting is over, as I carried her in my arms near my heart, I can hear the beat of her heart, saying that ‘mommy, you will not be alone anymore, I will be here beside you, I will always love you and care for you.

I am so thankful for having my daughter I am not just happy but I am overwhelming with joy, now the people around us is asking, “ kelan nyo susundan, si Prosperity Melandria (Peachy)? Dapat sundan nyo na agad!”. But now, it is not my priority, I want to enjoy first the life’s blessings from above. I don’t have the time to worry things anymore, for now I would just take things one at a time. I want to enjoy every day I spend together with my baby Peachy. I have lots of things to thank God, for giving me a very kind and loving husband, a wonderful and beautiful daughter, a supportive family and circle of friends. It was really a dream come true for a dreamer like me.

READER’S FEEDBACK: First of all, I would like to congratulate Racmhandotcom.net ‘Oh! Cutie Baby Magazine for their pilot edition for July and August 2008. I hope that there are still many mommies out there who will be inspired by your magazine and site just like I did. It was also my baby’s first time to join these kinds of contests and it was really a lot of fun for me and a very new experience as well. Mel, my husband, was very supportive and was even the one who casts votes for our daughter because I have to attend to other important matters. How did I know about your site? Well, upon browsing the net looking for some good baby site, there I found out about yours and I am so happy of being part of your racmhandotcom family. There are things that cannot be bought by money and one of them is happiness and friendship, happiness of knowing other mommies like me that enjoys motherhood and true friends from the net which I have found in your site. I don’t have to mention their names but I know that they know that I meant these words from my heart. I will always treasure the good things that we shared together and the time that we have spent. To you mommy Racs, as we fondly called you, I thank you for giving me this opportunity of knowing better myself, of how I can improve myself as a mother and for bringing friendship in our door. God bless and take care and more power to your magazine.

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