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Monday, December 29, 2008

Question: How does your child showcase her exceptional skills and how does a good education lead to a bright future? It was a celebration like no other when baby Peachy was born on that splendid day of January 2, 2008. Being my first and awaited child, her arrival was a life –changing event. Her presence in the world makes life so special for me. As bright and festive as her coming, she advanced in months to be a happy, cheerful, active, affectionate healthy baby. In five months, she was extremely alert to the sights, sounds, smells and tastes being able to distinguish with precision the movements, voices and touch of people and objects. Endowed with a sharp memory, she could well remember where her toys are and is very keen with her favorite Nursery Rhymes and the cartoon characters Barney and Big Bird of Sesame Street. In nine months, she took her momentous first seven steps on her own; developed a fondness for picture books which, to my amazement, started a seemingly endless chattering of two-syllable words in a tireless effort to communicate. I stand in awe at her fast development. Since she seems to have a special preference for classical music, I could not help but imagine her potentials to be a pianist, with her slender fingers playing Mozart or Chopin. With an ear for music and a sense of rhythm, I could see her someday doing the Swan Lake Ballet. Now, in eleven months, she gave us the astonishing surprise of our life when she developed a fancy over her toy stethoscope and microscope. My thoughts go back to our immunization visits to her pediatrician, when she would comfortably greet the doctor with her smiles and outstretched arms. No wonder, it was so easy to take photos with the doctor carrying her in his arms. As a mom, I know and I can feel that Baby Peachy is an exceptional child. Her gifted traits are showing at such an early age and I am sure she can go a long way to become an achiever if her talents and abilities could be harnessed by a good education. Any parent would agree with me that our hope for our children to excel in the things they do extends far beyond just wanting them to be the best. It is because we want the best for them. If Baby Peachy’s calling is in the field of Medicine – be it Pediatrics or Neuro- Surgery, so be it. But I need the best education that will bring her there, an education that will not only equip her with the knowledge and skills but also one that will enhance the spiritual and moral aspects of the profession. A good education shapes the way children think and the kind of individuals they will grow up to become. Education cannot be taken away. It becomes a part of the person’s life and transforms that person as it happens, bringing self-confidence, curiosity, joy, creativity and responsibility. A good education is the foundation for the future of a successful humane society. "Hope my prayers would be granted"

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