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Monday, December 29, 2008

Name the Baby:

“Amiti” – means Endless friend


“Aron” - Generous

They say that the future of our children also depends on their name. It’s been 12 years now that baby boy of Baby Magazine does not have a name and for me this name was very suitable for him because he has been there for us just like a friend helping new moms like me to learn and to enjoy motherhood. The name starts with the letter “A” because Baby Magazine has been a leading magazine for all these years and I chose this name because I believe that baby “Amiti” will always be there for us for another 12 years and another 12 years and until our children have their own children.

Thank You!


Reader’s Feedback

November 6, 2008

Congratulation’s to Baby Magazine on your 12th year. I am just one of your million eager readers and I really enjoy a lot reading your magazines because it was really very instructive and interesting for a new mom like me.

My baby Peachy was ten months old now and she was quite a handful. She was a God sent for us having waited eight years for her and dealing with two miscarriages. That is why I wanted to give her all the best things in life a mother could offer. Your Baby Magazine was truly very helpful to direct me on the right track to guide and nurture my baby.

Now that baby Peachy is turning one on January 2, 2009, I have been preparing and looking for ideas on the net and your magazine especially your January 2007 article “Planning your baby’s first birthday bash at home!” really enlighten and provide me great information on how I can create a memorable home birthday party for my baby.

My friend from Manila was just giving me a copy of your magazine, considering that here in our place I have not seen one. I really wanted to make a subscription but I have learned that you offer subscription only for Metro Manila residents. That is why I am happy that SM will be opening here next year, there for sure I can buy your magazines.

Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

Attached is my daughter’s recent picture.

Ria Rosaura-Romero

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