Peachy's First Birthday

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I started planning for Peachy's birthday party when she was about eight months old . I started to browse and look at the internet for themes and ideas and views different birthday parties at multiply for more inspiration. At that time, i really wanted a memorable and beautiful party for peachy. I even consulted friends to see what type of party i have planned of.

What i found was different kinds of ideas on what a first party should be. I had one office mate who gave a comment that it should be a family affair only, at home cooking spaghetti and a hotdog with some special friends to share the day with. Then i saw pictures of tinkerbell theme party on the net, complete with clowns, costumes, food carts and lots of balloons. That idea was very cute, but too way out of our budget. Not to mention that i really don't like clowns because even until now i am afraid of them.

So, i decided to fall somewhere in the middle and ideas were kept on coming all together from her birthday cake, which catering i would chose and who would handle the event. The next detail is her dress. I wanted her to look just like a real fairy princess, not much like tinkerbell, so i have searched in the internet for a cute fairy dress and presto i have made her one.

The much awaited day came, January 2, 2009 our little baby is now turning one, we begin the day by attending mass which we have previously offered for her. While waiting for the caterer to come at 10:00 daddy and me manage to finalize the place we have decorated two day's before. But things don't go smoothly as you would think, it's already 3:00 and video and photo service is not yet around, the cake was just on its way and the car which is supposed to pick up the Mc Donald crew's has not arrived yet and it is barely one hour before the scheduled party begin. It was really stressful and ooh so exhausting but despite how completely this event turns me upside down, i was smiling the whole time, just seeing how my little angel so excited with all the commotions going on around her and seeing what dress she would wear makes her giggles more.

The birthday party was a success even with the heavy rain outside, guests we didn't expect to come was there and Peachy really enjoyed the whole party. She would most likely to forget it within a few hours after it ended but the memories captured in photographs and video will still remains and will be cherished by her.

After day's of sleepless nights and preparations for Peachy's Birthday, the much awaited day came and it was a very busy day but really marvelous and magical.

Here are some highlights of that day!

6:00 - We attended mass at San Francisco Church, a thanksgiving mass offerred by Mommy and Daddy and Baby Peachy.

10:00 - Embot Catering arrived to set up the tables and chairs.

2:00 - Badette of Royale Dream Party Concept arrives to set up the children's tables and chairs and the juice fountain.

3:00 - Mommy Ria is still worried, the food was not here, the photo and video was not yet here and the cake was still on it's way and the party is supposed to begin at 4:00 P.M.

3:00 - There's a little bit miscommunication at home, that is why the car which should be used to fetch Mc Donald's crew did not arrive. So the other option is the service of Badette. thanks again for that. There are no guest yet, just imagine it's already 30 minutes before the party begin! huh!

3:30 - At last the food arrives, the video and photo and the cake arrived simultaneously. Haaaaaaah! super stress!

3:30 - Picture taking for peachy's preparation begins. Smile there, smile here!

5:00 - Around this time the party begun and i was so excited to see how many guest had came even with the hard rain outside. Our little garage was full of people.

And excitement goes on until 8:00 in the evening.
It was indeed a Magical Day for all of us especially to Peachy who really enjoys her special day!

Peachy's First Birthday Suppliers

We would like to thank all the suppliers. Good Job!

Embot's Catering for the Adult Food: Bake Macaroni, Paella, Lumpiang Sariwa, Chicken Cordon Bleu

The foods were really delicious, for me and for all the people who have known Embot for a long time, we really can say that they really served super yummy foods with a distinguish taste!

Mc Donald's Party Package - Food for kids - Spaghetti, Chicken and Apple/Pine apple with Mc Digi toy.

Theme: Disney Fairies

Children's Table and Chairs and Donald Duck and Juice Fountain - Royale Dream Party Concept from Baao, Cam. Sur. Thank you Badette for your job well done! Until next time!

Table Motif: Mickey and Friends

Badette and Carie - sister tandem was really accommodating and their price was very affordable.

My Fairy Cake - Lallee's Bake Shop
My beautiful cake was composed of chocolate cake on the bottom and mocha cake on the top.

Photo and Video : Happiness can be felt for years but memories will last forever.
Dannet Photo and Video - Thank you again, especially for the beautiful layout done by "Emy". She is also the one who made Peachy's Backdrop and invitations!

and most of all for the two characters, Mc Do's Birdy and Party Concept's Donald Duck! You really add life on the party. Thank you so much for your presence! Keep up the good work!

mommy ria

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