Peachy's Magazine Appearance

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It all started on September, 2008, the first time i had gained ideas about baby contests and baby sites. It was totally out of curiosity at first but day by day when i visit the SP site, my curiosity turns into liking and eventually i learned about RM and joined baby Peachy on their monthly baby contest. I met different wonderful moms who helped me along the way for Peachy to win the top spot on that October contest. We were really so delighted because at that first instant we were triumphant. Peachy's first magazine appearance was later on followed by Baby Magazine January Issue and then February issue and now at Moms and Kids March issue. Mommy was also chosen for April's Smart parenting reader's feedback and won a set of Ponds miracle. Peachy also won a Goku premium items at For kids only/ Phil Star, April 18, issue. It was really a good start and we are hoping that there are more to come.

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