Palawan Escapades

Saturday, June 06, 2009

May 9 to 16, 2009 It's really been a dream for me and Mel to go to Palawan. It has many first for peachy and a very unforgettable experience for our family. Our arrival on puerto princesa's airport was greeted by an unexpected heavy rain which was really very unusual considering that there are no announcement of any typhoon or rains. Luckily the sky was clear on the following day . On Mother's Day we celebrate the day with a City Tour, visiting the crocodile farm, butterfly garden where the entrance fee was for 20 pesos, We saw different butterflies but peachy was not quite happy about it. We also went to Baker's hill where delicious hopia was very affordable. They had a variety of delicious breads and cakes to choose from at very affordable price. It was already getting dark, that's why we were not able to go to Mitra Ranch. We end the night by eating at "mang inasal" where people eat their chicken inasal using their hands and had a chance to eat rice as many as you like. The next day was all excitement, we went island hopping, this is the best experience we had. Our first hop is Pandan Island because that is the nearest, " I think" , it was called pandan island because there are many pandan trees. Next hop is our Snake island where we really planned to stay for lunch time, we first take a swim and this is the first time i have experience snorkeling. I saw various corals and many different fishes. It was really an amazing experience for me. Thank you for the internet for the information, we really brought many breads for the fishes. Next hop is Senorita island, it was a very small island and was owned by the Dos Palmas, we are lucky that we were allowed to dock to their beautiful island and to take some pictures, for us to remember them. There is also starfish island, it was called by it's name because many starfish can be found there. On our way home, we passed by on the different island. Some of them were still uninhabited and some were privately owned. We also passed by on a mysterious island "Luli" (lulubog-lilitaw), the island is a privately owned and was currently under renovation. May 14-16, 2009 We planned to go to Port Barton where great beaches can be found but it's another long ride and we were worried about Peachy's health so we decided instead to visit and check-in to this resort we saw in the internet and it turned out that the place was really beautiful. Dangkalan Resort and Inn has the best service with their friendly staff and good amenities. Puerto Princesa is a city with many things to offer. There are many places to visit and the time was not enough for us to visit all of them. We decided not to go to the Underground River for two reasons. Although we already had our permit to go, we learned that there is an ongoing hike for life and the place was so crowded with many hikers coming from different places, another thing is that we were a bit worried about the safety of Peachy, because we could not bring her inside the cave, we will just leave her on the sea shore and i have big doubts over the idea of leaving her. The place offers fresh and great tasting foods, inexpensive sea foods. Dining is really great in this place of town. We are so thankful that God gave us sunny days to enjoy this vacation. We are looking forward of going back there again. Discover the beautiful island of Palawan and see for yourself the amazing wonders. I hope this can help you: How to get there: Air Travel from Manila to Puerto Princesa takes just less than an hour and available daily via Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines and Philippine Airlines. There is also Zest Air but i am not sure if they have daily flights. Shipping Lines: It takes 18 to 22 hours from Manila on board the Superferry and Negros Navigation. Superferry only travels once a week. Travel Tips: Light casual wear is best in touring the city but when your going island hopping and underground river tour a short and a sandal is a must. You must come in handy, don't forget your insect repellent, cause there is really many mosquitoes especially on remote areas, there is also many "nik-nik" as they called it in the bay area. Make sure to bring your camera's to capture your best moments and the beauty of the sights. Don'ts : Puerto Princesa is most cleanest city that i have been gone to and they are very strict about cleanliest. Do not litter just anywhere or else you will be caught by Bantay Puerto employees. Smoking in trimobiles is also prohibited. You can see many of this: If you want to live the luxury life there are three high-end hotels who can pamper your stay; The Legend Hotel -- Malvar St. / (048) 434-9076 - Price range: Ph PhP2400 - 5800 Hotel Fleuris -- Lacao St. /(048) 434-4338 / Price Range: PhP3000 - 5000. Asturias Hotel --National Highway / (048) 434-3851 Price Range: PhP3200 - 5000. And if you are on a budget, there are many inns and pension houses that provides comfty rooms but very affordable. Hotels: Admiral Hotel -- Junction 1, San Miguel / (048) 343-4561 Ardent Suites Hotel -- Junction 1, San Miguel / (048) 434-9980 Dolce Vita -- V. Romasanta Road, San Pedro / (048) 434-5357 Palawan Village Hotel -- 482 Rizal Avenue / (048) 434-4436 Moana Hotel -- Rizal Avenue / (048) 4753 Rengel Hotel -- Valencia St. / (048) 433-2584 Royal Oberoi Resort Hotel -- Esteban Rd., Sta. Monica / (048) 434-4920 Pension Houses: Abelardo's Pension --63 S. Manga St. / (048) 433-2049 Albon Pension -- 60 Lacao cor. Carandang St. / (048) 434-8582 Aldos Residence -- Rizal Avenue / (048) 433-2195 Amelia Pension -- 420 Rizal Avenue / (048) 433-7029 Aniceto's Pension -- 71 Reynoso St. / (048) 434-6667 Audisse Pension -- Malvar St. / (048) 433-4153 Balay Inato -- Manalo Ext., Brgy. Bancao-Bancao / (048) 433-2261 Banwa Pension -- Liwanag St. cor. B. Mendoza / (048) 434-7197 Celica Lodge -- Abueg St., Brgy. Bancao-Bancao / (048) 7672 Duchess Pension -- 107 Valencia St. / (048) 433-2873 JC Yayen Pension -- Manalo Ext. / (048) 433-2661 Jeshiela Guesthouse -- 319 Malvar St. / (048) 433-4157 King's Court -- 359 Rizal Avenue / (048) 433-4853 La Paragua International Guesthouse -- 263 Manalo St. / (048) 434-4464 Liberty Park Pension -- Liberty Road, Brgy. Maunlad / (048) 433-9783 Lola Itang Pension -- Roxas St. / (048) 433-2990 / Mabini Pension -- Mabini St. / (048) 433-3311 Manggahan Pension -- Rizal Avenue / (048) 433-5286 Matutina Pension -- Taft St., Brgy. Kalipay / (048) 434-2496 Marina de Bay -- Sandiwa, Tiniguiban / (048) 433-5163 Payuyo Pension -- 200 Manalo St. / 433-2672 Puerto Pension -- Malvar St. /(048) 433-2969 RAQ Pension -- Malvar St. / (048) 433-2533 Rendezvous Lodge -- Macasaet St. / (048) 434-3136 Sheena's Cottages -- Libis Rd., San Pedro / (048) 433-3693 Skylight Apartelle -- 217-A Rizal Avenue / (048) 434-4872 / Sonne Gasthaus -- 366 Manalo Ext. / (048) 433-4638 Venture Ville Pension House -- 155-A Dacuan Rd., Manalo St. / (048) 434-6236 VIM Pension -- 32 Fernandez St. / Tourist Inn: Badjao Inn -- 350 Rizal Avenue / (048) 433-2179 / Baragatan Inn -- Junction 1, San Miguel / (048) 434-5289 Bulwagang Princesa Inn -- National Highway, Sta. Monica / (048) 433-2678 Bundal Inn -- San Miguel / (048) 433-5289 Casa Linda inn -- Rizal Avenue Interior / (048) 433-2606 Circon Lodge -- Valencia St. / (048) 433-2738 D Lucky Garden Inn -- PEO Road, Brgy. Bancao-Bancao / (048) 433-7869 Dangkalan Inn -- BM Road, San Manuel / (048) 434-9207 ( we stayed here for three days and they are really very accomodating) De Loro Inn -- PEO Road, Bancao-Bancao / (048) 434-8408 / Dorchezter Inn -- Rizal Avenue / (048) 434-6563 El Rey Residence Inn -- Rizal Avenue / (048) 433-2314 Garcellano Tourist Inn -- 257 Rizal Avenue / (048) 433-2314 Hillside Resort -- Sandiwa, Tiniguiban / (048) 433-7318 Pagdayon Travellers Inn -- Rizal Avenue / (048) 434-9102 Princesa Inn -- 169 Malvar St. / (048) 433-4218 Seaport Inn -- Malvar St. (near PPC Seaport) Trattoria Inn -- PEO Road / (048) 433-2719 Tropical Sun Inn -- 152 Manalo St. / (048) 433-6493 / Tours Packages: (it varies) City tour - Php. 600.00 Island Hopping (honda bay) Php. 1,100.00 Underground River (Sabang) Php. 1,500.00 Dolphin Watching Php. 900.00 per person For more information regarding Puerto Princesa, visit their site at

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  1. hi po! psensya n po, just wanna ask ur view about dangkalan beach resort.
    is it really far from the main road?
    do they have a pool now and generator ?
    how about the beach? some say its a 5-min walk to the beach p raw po kc.
    psensya n po ha. im kinda cramming right now, we'll be in PPS this coming august na.
    we really want to try Dangkalan but i read some bad reviews about them.hope you can give me some tips about the resort since galing lng po kau dun last may. kindy email me n lng po at
    thanks in advance!

  2. hi.. your blog is very useful.. we are planning our holy week vacation this early.. just want to ask if Dangkalan resort is a good choice? Can we swim on their beach? would you know how much is the tricycle fare from the town proper to the resort? coz we are planning to have dinner at the famous restos in the city, they say that Dangkalan staff can drop you off to where you want to go and then just take a tricycle back to the resort.


  3. Sorry for the late reply. First of all, thank you for your comment. Palawan was indeed a beautiful and solemn place and great for a holy week vacation. Dangkalan resort is a good place to stay. They have friendly staff. Their place is not more than 15 minutes ride from the town proper but they have a service were they offered it for free. As you said, they can drop you off within the city limits and you don't need to worry because there are many tricycles waiting at the main street going to their place. Yes, you can swim at the beach and they also have a swimming pool.

  4. i stayed at 101 Lapulapu steet in Puerto princesa I a nice small apartment which was built to western standards.
    BR,LR,Kitchen,dining room and bathroom with a hot water bathroom.
    I only paid Php 1,500 a night for short term stay. The Phone number of the owner is 4349391 and cell phone number is 09204193383.
    i was able to cook my own meals, the kitchen was equipted with refrigator and gas stove.


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