Destination Wedding "Basic Questions and Checklist"

Saturday, October 03, 2009

There are many things to consider when you are planning a destination wedding and it could be nerve wrecking and anxiety-producing but yet truly fulfilling once it turned out what you really expected. Here are some questions you need first to consider before hosting a destination wedding. 1. Decide a Wedding Budget - this is the most important part, how much are you willing to spent? 2. Decide on your theme - whether you want it in a beach, under the sea, a beautiful garden hotel and spa or the exciting new sky walk? 3. Decide on a wedding date - this could be very important, remember that your guest also need to adjust their schedule for you. 4. Decide on your wedding location. After deciding on it, make an inquiry; a: Are they holding a wedding destination? b: Do they have a wedding planner on the site? c: How many people can accommodate the place?, if your planning to have a big entourage. d: What time of day do most weddings occur? e: Who will performs your wedding ceremony? f: What are the requirements to get a marriage license or is there someone who can handle the details for you and will help you in the process. g: Are there local wedding suppliers; remember that money wise, it is better to get a local coordinator and supplier for you to save extra money. Research your location, there are many ways to do so, internet, thru friends and families who have already been there or maybe a visit to survey the place. 5. Decide on your wedding guest list. Remember that you cannot invite everybody. It is an etiquette that the wedding couple are the one who pays for the hotel rooms, food and most guest expenses and usually your guests shoulder their own fare. 6. Decide on your wedding dress and the dress of your entourage. (for tips regarding wedding gowns, you can view my other blog) 7. Obtain your necessary legal documents, for the exact list of the documents you can view my other blog specially for it)Links to view:

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