Family Friday

Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Friday once again, What is on the top of my list, to tell you honestly, i still have to finish one transcript from my duty last week but yet here i am still blogging and many thoughts keeps on rushing in my mind. I am so excited about Peachy's trick or treat Halloween event on Saturday. I already got today her dress and will be doing the finishing touches of her entire look on Saturday. It would be a very busy weekend again for me, considering that "Undas" falls on Sunday. It is yet another year to remember and pay our respects by visiting our lost love ones and another year for me to reminisce and surely another day for me to cry. It's been two years now when Daddy passed away, it was just two years but it seems a very long time for me. I have made my recovery but still in the process of healing and coping. It is just a blessing to know that even i lost someone very dear to me, an angel came to my life to ease my pains and misery. I am so happy to have my daughter after a long years of waiting but still so sad that she was not able to meet her grand father. As i am writing this, i can't help myself to cry again, i missed my Daddy so much, that sometime i really can't help to ask why it was very sudden. But we cannot question the will of God and it was his will perhaps of telling me that my Daddy's time had come to an end. Atleast, i am so glad that he was able to witness my church wedding and was able to gave my hand. There are many unexpected events that came to my life this past two years. I have my long awaited child, i have meet my long lost mother and i was able to have peace with my step mother. It was indeed a miracle and I am so thankful for that.

With my daddy on my Wedding Day.

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