Signs That Your a Facebook Addict

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Have you thought asking that question? I have heard Facebook before but was not interested on it because I am already into blogging and Multiply. But few months ago, another mommy convinced me about playing Pet Society at Facebook. At first i was hesitant and had second thoughts about it but she told me that it was a lot of fun and many other mommies were doing it so, eventually i gave in.

I started opening once in a while then eventually seeing myself spending more time on the computer. Now, it's really gone wild and i can't last a day not viewing my farm or visiting my restaurant or just saying hello to my FB friends. I believe that too much is really bad and I am now helping myself to limit my FB time.

I have read some signs and symptoms of a FACEBOOK ADDICTION and my result is not so surprising for me. I also make my list of Signs that your a facebook addict, try to answer them honestly;

1. If your losing sleep because of Facebook - The supposed 8 hours sleep became 4 or 5 hours.

2. If you can't live a day without visiting your restaurant or farm or your pet or any other FB applications.

3. You tend to check your profile more than 5 times per day.

4. You are so eager to know what is happening on your FB community.

5. You spend more than hours in your Facebook.

6. Your in a race to find friends and additional neighbors.

7. You tend to have an argument with your partner for not giving you a chance to use the computer.

8. If you wake-up in the middle of the night thinking that you forgot to close your restaurant or harvest in your farm.

9. You are supposed to do a work but sneak sometime to visit your FB account.

10. You share your happiness and sorrows thru your FACEBOOK account and post your favorite pictures or just anything.

If you happen to answer YES in most of the question. Well you know very well that your not just a Facebook fanatic but you must be totally addicted to it.

Currently i have 272 friends and hoping to meet more. Hope i can see you there!

For more Signs you can view this article too:

15 signs you're addicted to facebook

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  1. already grabbed your badge!!!! Thanks!!!

  2. hahahha... as in kaka addict talaga facebook:) but ako hindi..nyahahah!!! mas blog addict ako e! nice to be here dear..hope i can see you around too:)

  3. Our solution to this problem is that I run the blog and my hubby handles Facebook!

  4. obvious ba mommy ria? mag neighbor ata tayo sa lahat ng games sa facebook.. hahaha

  5. medyo pa lang mommy ria. di pa ganun. haha

  6. Admitted! haaahahah I'm already addicted to it..haaahah


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