Wedding Legalities- Licenses and Law

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Before saying your i-do's make sure that you know the important requirements attached to it.

Catholic Church Requirements

Marriage is a sacred contract and one of the seven sacraments. Thus a baptismal and confirmation certificate is needed in addition with the marriage license.

Here are the church requirements
1. Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates: You should secure a copy not more than four months before the date of your intended marriage with the annotation "For marriage purposes only". A dispensation must be secured from the Archdiocese or Chancery office if one of the couple came from a different religion.

2. Marriage License must be secured from the Local Civil Registry of the city or municipality of the groom or bride 120 days before your wedding date.
Before you can secure a license, your name and that of your spouse will be posted on the bulletin board and if there are no valid objection from the local residence a license could be issued. Another requirement for the couple is to attend a seminar on family counseling from the social welfare office.

Secure an application form, please get read with your birth certificate, if
foreigner, legal capacity from the embassy, parents advise if above 21 years
old but below 25 years old. parental consents of parent if below 21 years old.
Attend the family planning /family counseling. Posting will be for ten (10)
days and the issuance of license will follow after compliance of the seminar.

3. Canonical Interview - An interview was conducted by the parish priest or any assigned priest held one or two months before the wedding.

4. Marriage Banns- These are the forms usually see in the church notification boards announcing your upcoming wedding and it was posted in your respective parishes. Your names would be called by the parish commentator for three Sundays to inform the public regarding your upcoming wedding. You should return the duly accomplished and signed forms three Sundays after.

5. Brides Permit - If you are going to be wed in a different church, you need first to secure a permit from the parish where you belong.

6. Pre-marriage or Pre-cana seminar - You need to attend a Catholic Engaged encounter and Discovery Weekend as additional requirements. The schedule varies from different parishes.

Civil Weddings

If in case you are not yet ready for that huge catholic church wedding or a intimate garden wedding is your dream a civil ceremony is the right for you.


1. Secure your Marriage License; ( the procedures were already listed above)
2. Set your wedding date and submit your application with the Office of the Clerk of Court/OCC for an appointment with the judge who will solemnize your wedding;
3. An additional requirement of "CENOMAR" or a Certificate of No Marriage Record is needed;
4. The marriage will be solemnized publicly in the judges chamber, in an open Court or your designated place within the city limits.

Additional Words:

If you have been living together for five years and no legal impediments to marry each other, a marriage license can be dispensed with and you only need to make an Affidavit of Cohabitation before any person authorized by law to administer oaths.

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