Wedding Reception

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Your reception will be the place where all your guests come together to celebrate with you your new life. It should reflect and complement the formality of your ceremony.

Make sure you know your limitations and choose your guests wisely.

There are two basic types of reception, the first one is the type charges a per person fee which includes the facility, food, tables, and other amenities. Another is the room or site rental fee wherein you are the one responsible for providing the food, beverages, lines and possibly tables and chairs.

The advantage of the first type is that you can save more money from it and most everything is done for you and you will save the problem of looking for individual suppliers. If you will be having a reception in a hotel or garden venue, most of them gives additional amenities like, free one night accommodation, free wedding cake, service of a wedding car and many others. The disadvantage, however, is that your choices of food, linens are limited. You are not permitted to bring an outside caterer and must select from a predetermined menu.

Choosing your Menu and Drinks

If your reception is in a hotel or garden venue, you will need to select a predetermined menu. Select the best menu which is appropriate for the time of your wedding. Foods can be served either buffet-style or as a sit-down meal. Although there are many menus to choose from, the best dishes are chicken , pork and vegetables.

If you will be hiring a caterer, check to see if your location provides a refrigeration or your caterer has heating equipment. Ask for references and look at photos from their previous parties so you know how the food will be presented or better yet have a food tasting.

What to Avoids:

Avoid mayonnaise, cream sauces if food must go unrefrigerated for any length of time. You don't want your guest going home early because of a stomach ache.

Corkage Fee: Most of the reception sites and caterers make money by marking up the food and alcohol and if you might wish to provide your own alcohol you also need to consider whether the expenses saved after paying the corkage fee justify the hassle and liability of bringing your own drinks.

Wedding Decorations

Your decoration can be a themed event with reference to some special aspects of your life, you can add decors that remind your guests of your history, your first meeting, your favorite hobby and your favorite things.

Wedding Reception Timeline
A predetermined schedule helpBolds to ensure that you have ample time to do all your wedding traditions, toasts, speech and dances. Coordinate with your wedding planner or reception emcee.

Consider hiring an event specialist or planner to help you bring a highly detailed reception. They can help you manage all the vendors and will have the connections on the best areas. Look for a planner with a strong recommendations or reference and if your on a budget, you can ask assistance with your family and friends to help you prepare the reception.

Wedding Reception Traditions

Grand Entrance
Speech/Toast - are great way to honor you and your new life together. It begins with the acceptance speech from both of your parents and afterwards a thank you speech from both of you. The toasting is usually done by the best man.

Lighting of the Unity Candle - Usually a prayer was said by the maid of honor.

Cake cutting/Drinking of Wine - This symbolize your first task as a couple and sharing your body to become one.

Bouquet and Garter Toss - This is a tradition made to celebrate marriage which symbolically passes to the next woman or man to tie the knot. There are many ways now to do this traditions.

Kissing of Birds - The newly weds releases the birds, symbolizing their new life and sealing it with a kiss.

First Dance - You can do the money dance or just the traditional groom and bride dance along with your favorite song or dance.

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