Christmas Rush

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's exactly 40 days before Christmas, i know that you are already in the process of thinking of buying Christmas decors, gifts or attending different Holiday Activities. It's really very exhilarating for us Moms to be the family's head merry-maker, organizing shoppings, parties and more probably travelling. So, as early as now, we need to do a list on how to possibly control this month's most stressful aspects, our money and time.

Manage your budget:

Holiday season is the time that we really get to spend our hard earned money, buying gifts for our family, friends and godchildren, "ina-anaks". One way not to over spend is by analyzing your previous spending habits, so that your in a better capacity to control them in advance. One way to say money and have more fun is to revising your gift list, it can give you more savings and less work also. For example, if you have been giving presents among adults, why not forgo them now instead give gifts only to kids. You can either give adults personalized cards you have specially made for them. They may be sad for a while for not receiving any gifts from you but seeing your effort to give them a personalized card or gift could be much meaningful.

Instead of buying new decors for your Christmas trees, why not go for your old ones and reinvent them to make a new decor.

Before doing your Holiday Shopping, make a list so as to avoid overspending.

Budget your time:

Organizing our time can be just as tough as handling our money. With so many extra events and Holiday demands, it can be hard to find time to enjoy this special season. One way to get a grip of everything is to create a calendar to fill in with your holiday events , for you and and your family. In this method, you will not forget those special events. Ask your kids to help you in the decoration of the house, you will not get tired and you will be having wonderful time with them.

Hope this help.

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