Christmas Wishlist

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas is getting nearer. We are getting ready for buying gifts for our love ones, friends and relatives. But how about you, have you asked yourself what you want for Christmas this year, even it's simple or big, there is no harm in sharing it. If Santa Claus is true and he will grant your wish, what do you think it could be?

Come and join me, add your wish list and let us all cross our fingers for our wishes to come true! Don't forget to add the logo and link back your wishes here. Thank you so much.

Melandria's Wish List

A. A brand new laptop for my office.

B. Oven for baking

C. Books of John Le Carre; Call for Dead (1962) A Murder of Quality (1962)(I wish someone could give this to me, (LOL) I have been searching for this to complete my collection. ) It's really tempting to buy this online but the shipping really cost too much)

What's yours?

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