Girls Talk # 2 - My fave Drinks

Friday, November 06, 2009

For this week Girl's Talk was all about our favorite drinks and the following is our entry:

I love drinking this in the morning and before going to sleep.

I love Zagu, whenever i go to the mall, i won't let a chance to drink one. I also love milkshakes with ice cream, my photo signature is a living proof that i do love drinking them.

For my Peachy:

Except for her milk, she really loves drinking juices and this is one of her favorites.

Come on, let's drink.

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  1. your daughter is so cute! I missed sago!

  2. Your little one is so lusog-lusog... Yogurt is good to regulate our digetive system...

  3. oh i love zagu too!!! i always add sago every time i order one at the mall.. :)

    ur daughter is so adorable!!!! sarap pisilin ng pisngi ha! :)

    thanks for joining this week.. see u next week and lets talk about our fave chocolate naman..

    see u!

  4. ohhhh I miss sagu! bakit kaya wala yan dito!

  5. i really love zagu, kahit na inuubo at sinisipon, i will not miss a chance to drink one. Many thanks mommy for the comments.

  6. oh my...sarap ng sago...korek si mami lu..wala talaga yan dito...only in the PI!

    mine is up too sis....:)

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