Girls Talk # 3 - Chocolates

Thursday, November 12, 2009



I have been waiting for this day since last week. To tell you the truth, i am looking forward on this blog, the reason why, I really do love chocolates. I remember a time that i have made a vow to myself that i would not eat chocolates again because of a painful toothache. But hey, who could resist a delicious chocolate? Can you? How many times have you eaten a chocolate and find yourself moaning from the pleasures that it gives you? I love chocolates more than any foods in the world. The darker the better.

Based from studies, women who consumed more chocolates daily had a higher degree of sexual satisfaction. Based on scientific evidence chocolate contains Serotonin and Phenylethylamine, a mood lifting hormones found naturally in our brains. So, when we eat chocolates , it increases our normal levels of both which leads to the feeling of excitement. I do remember that when i was pregnant, at first, i deprive myself from eating chocolates because of the old sayings but later when i have found out that a little chocolate can do no harm to my little baby and could even result to a more happy and active baby, that's the time that i have made up my mind that i would not even dare deprive myself from eating what i do love.

So, what is your chocolate story? For more story like this, you can visit girlstalk where chocolate lovers like me joined together for a wonderful treat.

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  1. I so agree w/ you Mommy.My husband & my kids taught me about that & my kids usually have choco w/ them during their exams & finals t'will help them to keep more allert & energetic.
    I love your chukie Mommy,I remeber buying those when I was still in P.I
    Thanks for droppin' by!:D

  2. thanks sa info sis about Akesha pag nakakain lang ng isang piece....hyperactive na...hehehe...iba ang tama ng choc dito....:)

    starring pala si cloud miss ko talaga ang cloud 9....thanks for checking out mine....:)

  3. Nakaka-miss talaga ang chuckie,my kids loves that drink nung umuwi kami sa Pinas.

  4. ow wow thanks for the info... about it being associated to sexual satisfaction :D hmmmmm i'll try that tonight hahahaha

    kaya pala active ng baby ko.. sa chocolate ko sya napaglihi hahahaah. thanks for the info about chocolate ha..

    thanks for joining GT girl! see u next thurs share to us your fave pastime naman :)

    happpy weekend!

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