Mommy Moments #1 Sporty Day

Friday, November 13, 2009

I should have made an entry last week but due to some other reasons, i was not able to do so but now here's my entry for this week Mommy Moments.

As of the moment, our dear Peachy has no interest in the real sports but her daddy wants to enroll her in an aikido and swimming class just like him. I know that this picture might not be consider as a sport but for a little energetic child just like our Peachy, this is her favorite thing to do, ride on the hamper and pretending that it was a car with matching sounds, brooooooomm,

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  1. such a cutie; he might be a racer someday! i remember my son, he used to play with the clothes hamper, too and pretended to be riding a car!

  2. Hi Ria,
    You are already listed in the official registry of all Filipino bloggers in Filipinos Unite!!!. I will appreciate it very much if you can copy and paste the embed code at my sidebar and place it at your own sidebar. Thanks for joining. God bless you and your family.

  3. ive got the same snap of my daughter. what is it about hampers that they love riding on it. haha how adorable :)

    Happy MM and mine is up too.

  4. you have a future race car driver then. Watch out Danica Patrick! :D

  5. cute talaga ni peachy sarap pisil pisilin

  6. Watch out Gaby (dela Merced).. your heir is coming :) Happy MM!

  7. Kids do have very creative imagination. She's certainly doing well with the hamper.

  8. aha future racer in the making!

    Check out our Future riders

  9. You're cutie is adorable!

    I guess all mommies have those "hamper moments" with our toddlers. I remember mine, I have three sets of hampers, to sort out the undies from the whites and colored ones hehe. And my toddlers at the time would connect these hampers and ride in them.

  10. welcome to mommy moments! :)

    meron din kaming pictures na ganyan heheheh

  11. hahhaha...kakatuwa naman ni peachy...pwede!

    broom broom broommm..tabi tabi.....:)

    thanks for the visit sis!

  12. Sa ngayon yeah hindi pa but then sooner or later makikita na natin sya ngayon pa lang nakikita na ang hilig nya sa sports.Thanks for the visit Mommy!
    Mine's here...
    Happy weekend & welcome to Mommy Moments!:D


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