Mommy Moments #2 Yummy

Friday, November 20, 2009

I am sorry for the picture. I am looking for a better one but i found out that we don't have any pictures of Peachy eating something delicious or yummy but let me share to you a little facts about her eating habits. She loves to eat anything now, whatever food she see, she will eventually put it in her mouth but before this happen, i have many days and nights praying that she will eventually eat rice. I almost remember a time that i am reaching out to other moms, seeking answers, learning their tricks and even asking my pediatrician what should i do for my little Peachy to eat rice but now I am the one whose trying to control her eating because of her bulging stomach. (LOL)

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  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog,

    Even week another photo album

    Greetings from Italy,


  2. it really worries us moms when our kids doesnt eat.. but i read somewhere that sooner or later, the kids will eat themselves.. let us just continue encouraging them and offering nutritious food...

  3. Very cute little girl! Yung daughter ng friend ko 3 butil lang ng kanin ang kinakain. hahaha! Puro noodles ang gusto e masama namn yung puro noodles. Mahirap talaga minsan pakainin ang mga bata.


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