Saturday Glitters

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Last time, i vowed that i would be doing this weekly blog regarding the highlights of my Saturday. Last night, we attended Peachy's Second trick or treat at the Avenue Square Plaza Hotel. The trick or treat started at 5:00 but we opted to come a little bit late because of last year jammed-packed experience. But it came out quite a surprise for us because the crowds are small, maybe because of the previous night experience of loud howling air and heavy rains. After our dinner at Shakey's we proceeded to watch the Magical Show, it was my first time to watch a real magic show, i only used to watch it from the television.

It was a very relaxing night full of fun and laughters. We were not lucky to win the whimsical costume but we were not frustrated because of the happy-turn out of the event, the supposed winner of one girl and one boy turns out to be two boys because they mistaken a baby boy for a girl. If you would really think about it, it was unfair because the girls were not given a chance but so what, for me my Peachy is still the most beautiful of them all. LOL. I will be posting some of our pictures at my multiply site but for now hope you would enjoy looking at this picture of my Diyosa ng mga Bulaklak.

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