A brand new Monday

Monday, December 07, 2009

We have a successful get together party yesterday. It is so happy to see your old friends/office-mates now god parents of my little Peachy bringing their own chikitings. Seeing the small children dancing really melt my heart. How times flies that is one saying that is really worth thinking about. On the 23rd another friend will get married an for sure additional baby will come to be added to the circle. Peachy was really happy, enjoying the sight of new babies/playmates which is a very rare chance for her considering that she was alone with her yaya most of the week. Kyle , my inaanak slapped he face because Kyle doesn't want to be kissed,Ii was worried to see it but seeing her reaction made us all laughing. She was really shocked with her eyes widening, it was a first for her and she doesn't know how to react. She didn't cry at all or go to me for refuge but instead she even made ways to eventually kissed and hug Kyle. More stories and pictures will be posted later.

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