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Thursday, December 03, 2009

This post is really nice. It's like sharing the whole you and rediscovering your birth all over again. My father told me that when i was born, Pope John Paul II was here for a visit in the Philippines and for that I was able to get my name, ROMARIANNE , she had given me a very unique name just fit for her newborn nini. My grand mother was ROMANA sounded like my name too. It was also the day when Prince Charles of Great Britain announces her engagement to the late beautiful and my most adorned Princess Di. I also researched just right now that i also share my birth date although not the same year to celebrities like:

1885 Chester Nimitz (US admiral)

1942 Joseph Lieberman (US senator)

1955 Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple)

1955 Alain Prost (racing driver)

1962 Michelle Shocked (singer)

1966 Billy Zane (actor)

It was also on this day in History that;

1582 Pope Gregory XIII announces Gregorian Calender.

1946 Juan Peron elected president of Argentina.

1981 Britain's Prince Charles becomes engaged to Lady Diana Spencer.

1992 Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain marries Courtney Love.

24 February is also:

Independence Day 1918 (Estonia)

Flag Day (Mexico)

I was born at a small barrio of Magsaysay, Santa Fe Romblon but was raised by my grandmother at San Andres, Malate, Manila and now living my married life at Naga City, Camarines Sur and my journey to life is yet to be fulfilled. I was not able to ask my mother when we have seen each other about her memories on giving birth to me. I think that would be my assignment but let's hope and see if we will still meet again.

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  1. Nice to know more about you sis Ria ;) Well, my daughter was born in February and like what they say - maypagka-sumpungin...hahaha. My niece was a February girl too...ayun, sumpungin din...LOL!!! Are you sis?!? Curious lng;)


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