I'm Back!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

After a long days of silence , i am totally back again in the blogging world. Because of the busy and hectic schedule last week i was not able to do my daily routines of posting and answering my well loved meme's. I also have many things to share but yet so tired that i was not able to last even for 30 minutes in front of my monitor.

I miss all of you, i also miss my farm "farmville,farmtown" (LOL) and all my fishes at Fishville who died of starvation perhaps (LOL). The three day supposed to be vacation is not a vacation after all because we decided to have a minor room renovations at home, speaking of minor, i thought it was really just a minor one but I was shocked to learn that i still need to buy additional hardiflex considering the existing one to be taken down was damaged. It was quite a rough day, cleaning the mess that the renovation causes and to prepare the foods for the carpenters but it was really good to see the result after the day's work. The work is not yet done because we still need to paint it and hubby volunteered to do the work with my little help of course. (LOL)

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