Mommy Moments # 3 - Talent

Sunday, December 06, 2009

They say that the future of your children can be seen in what they like and love doing while they were young.

As early as now, we are encouraging her to listen to music and play the piano so that learning will be easier for her when her right age to begin her lessons comes. We wanted her to become a doctor someday, (hopefully) we are giving her things associated with medicines. One talent that is very visible now is her singing, her melody and rhythm was quite nice and even though she has a big body and tummy (LOL), she can sway her body gracefully.

For more talented children, do visit Mommy Moments. Till next week!

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  1. That's great!!She will be a future artist or doctor or both!!^_^

    Thanks for dropping by!!Happy Sunday to you and your family!!^_^

  2. wow, just continue to encourage her and give her lots of opportunity, im sure she will flourish and excel in her talent! :)
    happy mommy moments!

  3. Wow! that is so great! A doctor or a singer. What a talented kid.

  4. A future doctor! That's nice, I just hope she will fulfill your dream :) Happy MM!


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