Mommy Moments # 4 Your Mommy Moment

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Before I begin a busy week ahead of me, I would not want to miss this week's Mommy Moments. I know that it was really very special for all the mommies out there, for us to have a chance and an outlet to share our different thoughts about being a mother. Well, it is not very new to many mommies about my journey of having my baby because i have already made an article about it and post it here.


It was indeed a dream come true for us, a shining ray in the gloomy period of my life. God really works well. He gave us our baby for me to have courage despite the heartaches and He teaches me to forgive and forget. The events were really fast and very unexpectedly but the most precious thing I have learned is that the best way to heal your broken heart is a hope for a better future.

I am so happy to have my Peachy, to cherish and to love. Every day with her is a treasured memory.

Our first Studio Picture

As a gift to all my friends, i am sharing you this sunshine award, I hope it can add some smile in your heart.

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  1. Hi, you have a very sweet family, and an adorable daughter.

  2. great family photo! great memory with your beautiful daughter!


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