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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good Day to all my blogger friends. As a gratitude of my recent online winnings, it came to my mind that I should also return the same favor for everybody. As you know, I am just starting my blogging career and was just learning the different tricks around here. I started blogging to earn extra money but still no luck at all. I am inspired with your dedication and hard works and now I am trying to host my first ever blogging contest.

I am inviting all of you to please join me. Hope you can pledges some prizes. There would be two sets of contest;

A. Is the online contest for baby which will be determine by online voting.

B. Blogging and review contest.

In this regard, I am looking for sponsors for:

A. Baby or Mommy things.(You might want to be my mommy judges, please indicate)

B. Web Hosting, Paypal Funds, EC credits,badge/buttons,post signy, ads spaces and any other simple things to be given away.

Thank you in advance and hoping to hear from you soon .

Contest will start on February 1 and will end on February 28, 2010.

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  1. sige I will sponsor some ec credits.. I will check first kung howmuch pa ang credit ko sa entre

  2. I like to sponsor 125x125 ads space for one month. pls give me your email if my sponsorship is accepted rofl :)

  3. I will sponsor for the baby stuff and the mommy things (one winner only, mag set aside ako ng budget for one mommy and one baby) with the shipping, since I already gone with the paypal funds, I like something tangible naman. How about "Baby surprise"? Yun bang item na something that baby or mommy can use, shempre hindi ko pa malalaman kung anong pwedeng ibigay kase depende sa age ni baby at gender. I will look for branded items of course. What do you think?

    What's your paypal addy nga pala? Sorry ha, kase nagpalit ako ng pc, so yung mga emails ko andun sa kabilang cpu.


  4. pls email sherrygo at hotmail dot com as ad space.. I need to sponsor :D

  5. hello. sure I would like to sponsor adspace, could be link or 125x125 badge. ^^

  6. hi! magkano minimum amount ng cash sponsor pwede ba $3? :)

    I will also sponsor some ec credits. Goodluck!

  7. Hi Melandria :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your comment. Congrats for winning the credits at Ms. Marie's contest!

    I would like to sponsor 5,000 EC credits. Will send them soonest ya.

    Have a lovely day.

  8. ok i'll sponsor EC..I'll be back how much:)

  9. Hi sis. count me in. I would like to offer a one-month ad space in my PR3 and PR2 blogs. :)

  10. Hi! Thanks for informing me. I would love to sponsor EC Credits + Ad spaces. :)

    1000 EC Credits from the ff blogs:

    125x125 Ad spots (for 1 month) from the ff blogs:

  11. Hi there!

    Sige I will sponsor din, will the sponsors get links from all the participants? Let me know I have plenty of blogs that needs backlinks:)

  12. Ey, thanks for making my site your featured site :) I am overwhelmed ;))

    This is my first time visit :) I would like to sponsor 1000 EC for my :)

    Gusto ko sana mag sponsor ng cash kaya lang walang mga opps ngayon hehehe...

  13. thank you all on your undying support. Noted na po ang mga pleges nyo. Will contact all of you before the contest start.

  14. blogged

    going to blog another blog yeah :)

  15. sis blogged

    hope bring you more sponsors :D

  16. blogged

  17. Hi sis... sige, US$5 ang share ko sa prize. Remind mo ako ha... Wala kasi ako ng February ng 1 week so leave ka lng message dun or email mo ako sa ha.

  18. Thank you for contacting me! I would sponsor 3 sewing tutorials via email. Just let me know what to do;)

  19. i want to join the sponsorship since i am a new blogger too like you hope I can join if you will let me? here's all I can do

    125x125 one adspace for 7 days and 1 forever link in my blog
    My Life Thoughts

    one domain name from cisco company for one year only (.com, .net, .org, .info,) any of this with a 1 year hosting plan with 1gb space and 10gb bandwidth good for wordpress blog.

    please contact me in my blog if you like my sponsor thank you

  20. blogged

    hope bring you more sponsors :D

  21. Hi mel! Sorry now lang ako nakabisita. Anyways, here's my pledge:

    1000 EC Credits each for my two blogs:

    Random WAHM Thoughts

    Sponsor na rin ako ng blog template (Blogger or WordPress. Color of choice nung winner :)

  22. hi sis! i'll pledge $5 and 1 month 125x125 AD space from My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf and 1000 EC credits and 1 month 125x125 AD space from I am a princess. All girls are.

  23. hello sis good evening...
    nakita ko ung message mo sa tagboard ko about...
    sa contest na hinohost mo...
    sure i want to be your sponsor...
    by the way this is my offer...

    1000 ec for All About My Life (
    125x125 two months ads for My Love, Life and Motherhood Journey Blog (
    1000 ec for My Fantasy Blog (
    10GB webhosting for My Little's Angel Journey (

    thanks and good luck sa contest

  24. Hi melandria.
    my offers:
    2000 ec credits & 125x125 one month ads space from Earn Money Online with red -
    2 - 125x125 one month ad space from Simple pero Rock -

  25. I would like to sponsor 5000 EC credits from The Mommy Journey

  26. my email address is amador dot christine at gmail dot com

  27. Hello there,Mommy Mel!!Ok lang ba ang make-up goodies and a 125x125 one month space ad from Kizuna ( a prize for your contest?If it's ok count me in.I'll give my e-mail add to contact me to ship the prize to the winner.

    Good luck!!^_^

  28. hi.. so sorry for the late reply.. can you believe I'm just going through my comments from last month :(

    Anyway.. regarding your request.. as much I love to offer my blog makeover.. i'm really swamp this month and I tell you what.. if it's not too late.. i can offer you 2000pts for your winner :) Let me know!



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