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Sunday, January 03, 2010

This was a great way to start the New Year, last year was a tight one for us because I was not able to get my full salary for five months. (My leave without pay for 3 months pregnancy bed rest last 2007 was already deducted to me) but thank God, we were able to make it through the hard financial days and still I keep on growing bigger and bigger everyday. (He-he-he). We were not able to buy many new things last Christmas but we were able to eat (take-note) more than we can digest (Ooh, that could be glutony, He, he , not much).

For something new for Peachy;

This one is her brand new dress from her Ninong, it was just given yesterday on her 2nd birthday. (just for fitting)

This one is for me, it was Daddy's Christmas gift for me. "Thank you Daddy".
Our Christmas Dinner (December 25, 2009) Daddy and Me wearing our matching shirt from Folded and Hung - (If you buy a shirt, you can have the second one for 25% off, a great savings).
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  1. Hi,

    Nakatuwa ang baby mo, photogenic, always ready for the camera. Kami rin, wala kaming nabili na bago, pero pinaghandaan ko talaga ang food for christmas saka new year. blessing nga kase hindi ko rin nagalaw ang mga food namin kase in-invite kami ng bestfriend ko na mag early new year celebration, kaya umuwi kaming busog at may take-out pa, hahah!

  2. Aww this are Beautiful pictures!!
    Y'all are so ADORABLE!


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