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Thursday, January 14, 2010

It has been a while that I am thinking of changing my old template and voila, here it is now.  I am having some hard time to put in place my old widgets but with the help of Mr. Google again, i was able to do so.  But I still have one problem, my top hover (is that what you called that?) or the one linking to my other sites were not functioning, Oh, i guess i really need some help to do this one.  I really don't understand yet how this CSS and HTML works. I would appreciate so much if someone could really help me correct this.

Take Care to all!

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  1. I can make you one if you like. It will take me a while but I can sure do it...;) Anway about your blog giveaway. I dont mind sponsoring once I can find a good prize..;)


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