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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This was previously named as 'SimplyMe: Simple from Head to Toe' when Liz first set it up last January 19, 2008 but on a lunch date conversation with her boyfriend, she decided to change the name from Simply Me to now what she called Pinkville: Pink and Magic Convergence Zone. Is not an ordinary personal blog that’s what Liz told when she first introduce Pinkville, it’s a reflection of her.

To know the details, I have to peek and read from her posts what is it about. I have learned so much from her post and understand that in choosing your domain name, it must be UNIQUE and MEMORABLE . How the name was born, well as she said pink is not her favorite color but she’s a Certified Pink Lover, I was a bit confused about it.

I also learned that she was called in so many nicknames, Lizzy Liz, Lizzie, naughtyLIZious and Liezl .Well, I think the “naughtyLiZious “ The woman who loves anime”. is the best name for her, because it is really cute and very Pinkish. It’s also very cute and pinkish of her to post her new teddy bear. I do love teddy bears. I wish I could have owned one. Should I also make a checklist of what I want?

You should also check her anime collection. It was quite fabulous for a pink lover.

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