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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SPREAD the Word, Opinions, Reviews, Documentaries

Spread the Word is a very interesting blog depicting Liz personal views about her own Opinions, Reviews, Documentaries of her exciting and fruitful life which was put into precious Words for the readers to understand and appreciate.

She creates very interesting topics for the readers to know the value of education and everyday life. Reading this blog reminds me of my school year life wherein I also need to work hard for my scholarship to finish my studies and my desire then to help people learn the value of education.

Her enthusiasm to be active in outreach programs was quite outstanding. I admire her dedication on achieving her dreams for a better tomorrow . It is because, few many people have these brilliant characteristics and the spirit to give rather than to receive. It’s quite remarkable when we help others to know what education really is. I felt sad when she talks about her recent lost from a heartless theft. It is appropriate to give credits and praises for this wonderful person for sharing to everybody her sentiments and opinions. So, it is time for everyone to SPREAD THE WORD about Liz!

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  1. Sis, I really love the way you write reviews. Ehe. I will promote your contest,too. Be back later~


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