Thanksgiving Contest 1st prize winner

Thursday, January 07, 2010

It's already two o'clock in the morning in my monitor but still, I am very much wide awake. I am doing my "Babies and Contests" some revisions, because i am intending to put all contests and other baby articles there, as not to clutter and spam my home site, when accidentally saw Ms. Kaye of message on my shout box. " Congrats for winning Mylene's Thanksgiving Contest....

Yehey! I won first prize on Ms. Mylene's Thanksgiving Contest. I am so happy and excited to take a look at her site and there "voila", I have seen my name on Capital letters.  Oooh, thank you, thank you Ms. Mylene and Happy Birthday too. This is my second winning this year and I am wishing for many more to come. (LOL)

Here are the list of my winnings;

1st Prize
1 Year Free Web Hosting (worth $10) – Online’s Mommy’s Corner
1 Year dot com Domain chosen by the winner – Trends Zone
Personalized Template* – Random Thoughts of a WAHM
Site Button / Badge – All About Elizabeth
Post Signy – Thoughts and Obsessions
$10 Paypal Funds – Online’s Mommy’s Corner
$5 Paypal Funds – IT Mommy Info
4000 EC – Dothy’s World
2000 EC – The Mommy Journey
2000 EC - Her and History
1000 EC – Our Adventure Together
1000 EC – Thoughts and Obsessions
125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR3) – IT Mommy Info
125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR3) – Life Expressions
125×125 ad space for 2 months (PR2) – All About My Life
125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR2) – Bloguardian Hellsite Overcashed
125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR2) – Mom Writes for A Cause
125×125 ad space for 3 months (PR 1) – Online’s Mommy’s Corner
125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR 1) – A Momma’s Journal
125×125 ad space for 1 month – Garden of Moments

I will be really busy for the next days confirming and contacting the sponsors.  Thank you, thank you. 

It's hubby's birthday today and i am also intending to write something for him.

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  1. Congrats and happy birthday hubby!!!

  2. hello mel! please add me up sa YM (ID ko is wahmaholic) so we can chat a bit about your template ;)

  3. congratulations! i sent you 2000 EC credits already :D

  4. Congratulations on winning. Please visit my blog for instructions on how to claim your post signature. Again, congrats.


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