A tragic dream

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last Monday night I had a horrible dream. I am on the middle of somewhere and a big earthquake just hit the place, many buildings were falling down and  i can hear people crying. When I wake up, although i was a little bit afraid and worried, I know that it is not in the Philippines, the place is very foreign to me,  i shared my dream to hubby in our dining table while we were taking our breakfast. Just, as usual, he told me that I am morbid, and always dreaming bad things. Well, to tell you honestly, I tend to worry sometimes and dream of something I am afraid of, but that night was a different night, i have been pre-occupied on sending requests and finding sponsors for my online contest and was so happy bonding with our darling Peachy that there is no time for me to worry for anything.

Then, yesterday a heartbreaking news has shocked the world, a massive earthquake just hit Haiti and many people died and still many more are missing. What would be my reaction, i am dumbfounded and thinking about my dream. I don't have any ESP or whatever they called it but this is not the first time I dream of something horrible and whatever the Lord is trying to teach me, i know there's a reason.

But, there is no thing to worry, I know the good Lord is teaching us something about this tragedy, a chance for us to seek forgiveness, a time to renew our faith and to value the life he had lend to us.  Let us all be thankful for the good things he had done for us.

My prayers to all the souls and to all the families of the victims.  May you find courage despite the gloom.

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