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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekly PSP Wallpapers is a site offers as what its title, free PSP Wallpapers.  It was then as the author says, posted weekly for all the lovers of PSP to enjoy.

I don't own a PSP but my two brothers, two sisters and her son have their own PSP (Could you imagine seeing them holding and playing with their PSP all at the same time) Hmmm.  My brother even offered  me to buy his other one.  But then I was not really interested. Hubby, once told me that we should buy but I only told him, if you want to play then just browse in the internet and you will find different games. So, my knowledge about PSP is really below the minimum level.

To review this site, First, i need to know what it is all about. I know for sure that PSP means Playstation Portable, that is what my brother told me, but then when I asked him why is it called backwards, it might have been called Portable Playstation and he just smiled. So, I seek the help of Mr. Google for me to give the answer and here is what i found.

It's interest me that he has many collection of PSP wallpapers, ranging from colors, shapes, flowers, musical, sepia, even twilight, transformers, hearts, girl, michael jackson, emo and many more. They also have the Philippine flag to commerate the independence day. 

To sum it all, i enjoyed my visit on the site.  I appreciate the effort the site is giving to all the PSP lovers out there.  Now, the question, am I encouraged to get one, hmm, I still don't think so. (LOL) I am waiting for the X-Box that MIL promised for our darling Peachy. (LOL) But, would I play, is another question.

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