When do you refresh with Minute Maid?

Friday, January 22, 2010

When do you refresh with MINUTE MAID PULPY ORANGE?

As a working mom, It is very natural that I am always on the go, ready for whatever circumstances the day will bring to me. Take a peek of my everyday life with Minute Maid on my side.

  I Start my day with goodness in my heart, thanking the Good Lord for the blessing of a new day and a minute maid in my hand to refresh me when i felt dehydrated. 

My work takes time and perseverance. So, when the going get toughs, there is my MINUTE MAID in my side to brighten and fresh me up.

What better way to finish your lunch? After eating a delicious Sinigang na Baboy, here I am drinking MINUTE MAID

When you love somebody, you share what you have. Our precious baby is my life, she is my inspiration and happiness. When I am with her, all things around me is beautiful just like a bottle of real pulpy MINUTE MAID  ORANGE or MANGO ORANGE that brings every goodness in every bottle. Enjoying life is never been easy as this. 

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