Animetrics Favorite Things anniversary contest

Thursday, February 18, 2010


It's Animetrics World first anniversary contests. I know that many is super excited in her contest.  Yes, that is including me.  I have made earlier a post regarding my choice but just as her requirements says, you can make up to seven entries but yet, I do love to have the Yummy Books but i also love to win the VNC shoes. 

Why?  I never had that many shoes now and before. I do remember that i only have four shoes in my childhood from my nursery (that's one) from my grade 2  to grade 4, that's two and when i turned grade 5, because of my frequent crying that my shoes doesn't fit me at all,  my grand mother bought me another pair to be used until I graduate.  Lucky me, when I reached my high school years , my school scholarship provides us a choice, ( a new shoes or a new bag) yes, your right, I choose the shoes.

Well even, until now, I don't buy much shoes whenever I think that my shoes is still qualified and decent enough to wear, i would still wear them.  So, if I would won this beautiful shoes from VNC, it would be a perfect match for our new uniform that would be coming this April.

Want to win beautiful prizes?  Visit Animetric's World today and see it for yourself.

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