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Monday, February 08, 2010

To tell you honestly, I am doing this review for almost weeks now and i wasn't able to finish it for two reasons.  I wanted to know the site more and I wanted to understand the person behind it.  It is not very hard to know about Buraot, a detailed facts about his personality can be found in his site.  He considers himself as an agnostic a philosophy by which Sir Thomas Henry Huxley describe that someone  who rejects all claims of spiritual or mystical knowledge. He also identifies  agnosticism not as a creed but rather as a method of skeptical, evidence-based inquiry. 

I have once heard this fact in my father's teaching about life and our existence, as I myself still finding some answers from my father's teachings but just like they said, our existence is really hard to explain, the human mind is too hard to grasp .  This theory Buraot trying to depict is very visible in his works.  One thing i know for sure is, his a generous person.  Many bloggers I think, could attest to that. Just look at his entredropper generator, it helps many blogger to make our ec dropping easy. He readily shares his knowledge about just anything and his own opinions regarding different categories like Religion and Spirtuality, Politics of thought, Nature and environment,galaxies and universe, living and dying are the one that interest me much. 

Browsing his site contents make me cry, his words were just like my father's word, I am sure if my father would only read his articles he would have affirmed of what Buraot is trying to say. His words were carefully written, concise, and can touch one's heart. You might say that I am very sentimental but what would you say about Buraot's "Whimpers of a Midnight Voyeur", just by reading this article, memories of my fast vividly comes into life.  Our life is a voyage, full of different adventures, trials, sorrows but yet we are aiming for one thing, one word that can summarize it all, "Bliss" but just like Buraot, can we really find it in this world? 

Disclaimer - this review is based from my own opinions and not meant to harm anyone. 

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