A Diary of a beautiful Mom

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yes. It is indeed a blog of a beautiful mom. She's not just beautiful in the outside but with a true heart inside. This blog is about Seiko's  personal life and her life with her pride and glory, her five equally beautiful girls.  

Being a mother and a having a career is not an easy task, you need to take sacrifices for your children. As much as we wanted to be around them most of the time but as we all know, we need the money to sustain our daily needs. But we need to balance them, just as i quote's Seiko's thought about being  a dual career mom " And one secret of being a succesful parent is developing an ability to recover contact w/ oneself as a child to regress playfully for a time...& 'though I am a dual career mom,I see to them that I have plenty of time playing w/ them together during my day off & weekdays, reading books together,shopping,karaoke & etcetera & etcetera.The great opportunities of parenthood is the chance to experience childhood & youth again,not simply vicariously but as a participant."

She is indeed correct and i believe that it's really not her secret after all,  She has manifested her great love for her family all over her post.  It radiates and was manifested in her online diary. This blog is a must for you to see, you will learn so much from Seiko just as much as i have learned from just reading her thoughts, read her whole story here. 

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