It's my Birthday!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well, it's my birthday!  I may not be able to spend much time in blogging today. So, I have made an earlier post for today.  It's another additional year for me. Yes, I am getting older, even though I don't want to think about it but it's really becoming visible in my face (LOL). You might think that I am having this wrinkles already but the truth is my eye bags are getting bigger and bigger each day. It must be because of my late sleeping habits.  Just like now, it's already in 2:06 in my computer's clock but I am still wide awake and eating (guess what?) Brownies.  

It's my birthday today and I want to share to all of you some important details/facts regarding my life. So, I am giving you 29 random things about me.  I do hope that you will not get tired and bored reading up to the last words of this post because I will be giving a special award to my ever Wonderful Blogger friends. 

Let me start first by sharing you this Wonderful Poem my father made for me. (Although we have our own differences I miss him and I can't help myself not to cry, after all he is still my father and we have shared great memories together too.)

ROMARIANNE  (this is my real name)
A name extra - ordinary combine
on the time I was confine
in a place i can't define.

time has come for the name 
to blossom and claim
and be a part in fame.

tomorrow will just be fine 
with you and me in bind,
together we will find
our destiny in kind. 

 (W/ my late father and some of my half siblings)
(Now, I am experiencing my own daughter in full stride, 
making her passage into adulthood was like nothing I have ever foreseen)
Daddy - 02/17/07

 29 Random Things About Me!

1. I was born Romarianne Belarmino Rosaura in a small barrio of Magsaysay, Sta Fe. Romblon at the time Pope John Paul II is visiting Manila.  I was brought by my mother in Manila when I was three months old and was reared by my grand mother Romana on which my name was taken by my father. 

2.  My first traumatic experience is when i was four years old when a big fire hit our place that left hundreds of people homeless.

3. I do love reading books and I am hoping that I can complete my John Le Carre Collection. Here are some of my collections. 

4. I love to collect just anything. Here are some of my old coins collection. I also have a collection of different shells and stones.


5.  I love seafoods and shrimps is my most fave.  I can eat all of this in one seating (LOL)

6. It is always my dream to become a princess just like Princess Di and Princess Grace.

7. I am a dreamer.

8. I am a cry baby. I easily cry on just anything. Be it a simple event or just watching a movie or television shows. 

9.  I wanted to become a movie star and cat woman is my dream role. LOL.

10. I love chocolates.

11. Victoria Secret "Wish"  is my all time favorite Perfume and I would be so happy to receive one. 

12. I am a sensitive person and a little bit worrier sometime. 

13.  Woman In love is my favorite song. 

14. If I would be given a chance to be anything.  I would love to become a fairy. 

 15. Well, this post says it all.

16.  I love nature.  I love going to the beach and looking at the blue sky. 

17.  I enjoy doing small things, scrap books, jewelries, coloring...

18. I used to write poems before and ever since I love to join contests

19. I was 19 years old when I met my hubby! 

20. Once in my life, i became a  Facebook Addict (LOL)

20.  I'm so blessed because the Good Lord always guide me and correct my ways and never failed to give me courage on my deepest dark moments of my life.

21. I love to cook and I eat a lot now.  Pasta and pizza is one of my favorites.

22. I love dogs. (here with our Chi chi - birdy the fabulous dog)

23. I am lucky on love and a lot of things but my health suffers a lot.
24. I always prefer boots rather than a pointed shoes.
25. I am so lucky to be in love and to share with someone my Journey through life.
26.  I am so grateful to know that I have online friends and I do hope that I can meet them someday.

27. That is my age when our Darling Peachy was born . 
   I may not be a super woman that can do all things but I am trying to be the Super Mom for my daughter.

29.   Today on my birthday! I do hope that God would grant me my wish!  A complete, happy and healthy family and a life full of blessings from above. 

AND SO FOR MY BIRTHDAY TREAT and for your patience reading all this things about me.

" I am giving away 1,000 EC Credits to our 5 Wonderful Mommy.  
All you need to do is make a short post in your blog and 
tell me what do you like about me?
 Please leave your URL in this post. 

Thank you so much!

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  1. Happy birthday to you...wish you all the best

  2. Happy Birthday! Wish you all the best :)

    P.S. I like reading about other bloggers, it's very interesting.

  3. Sis, Happy Birthday! Pareho pala tayo ng age kasi kwento rin ng mommy ko dumating si Pope John Paul II before ako pinanganak pero April pa bday ko. hehe
    Ang ganda ng post mo complete with lots of pics. I love reading it. Enjoy your birthday and more happy ones to come!

  4. oh dear.. what a wonderful post.. i enjoyed reading it.. happy birthday :D

  5. Wow happy Birthday Miss Princess Ria heheh...late nako nag check ng blog ngayon eh.Wish you all the best, and hope to see you in Naga sana if punta kami dyan.OC ka din hehehe...Godbless and Happy Bday ulit.

  6. Here's my Link just for you!!!

  7. Happy belated birthday Melandria!

  8. Hi sis,

    Pareho pala tayo ng birthday. Enjoy reading your post, kaaliw.

    Belated Happy birthday to the two of us.


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