Kevin Ray N. Chua - A review

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Kevin Ray Chua
While i was dropping some Ec love to sites from my links tab, i have seen this blog and got interested on it. Just as usual, if there was a contest, i will surely take a time to read the mechanics and do it.  One of his requirement is to make a review of his site and tell the readers and encourage the readers to read his site.  

To make this review, I have to dig deeper on his archive to learn about Kevin Ray Chua, the first thing you will notice is the recognition for his blog being the 4th Best Blog in Cebu, that makes me think, how nice it was to live in Cebu, because they encourage their bloggers and give recognition for the things that they are doing. 

His a natural born artist,  you can see his inner self in the nature of his writing. I can truly say that his "makabayan" and he will do what is needed to help the Filipino people achive their dreams.  Just by looking at his blog, my memories from my teens just come back at once. I have been a youth leader also in our barangay, joining different associations and have a chance to meet different politicians. Just like Kevin  Ray, I have been a scholar from high-school and college. I know the feeling of helping my fellow students and to be their voice. 

This blog is truly commendable and is worthy to be given a prestigious award and is he really campaigning to become a councilor? Well, i think , i need to ask him that question.

Congratulations to you for having a successful year in bloggging.  Keep up the good work!

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