The Light House Marina Resort

Saturday, February 06, 2010


The Light House Marina Resort can be found along the scenic bay of Subic cove in the province of Zambales.  It has a three storey boutique hotel with 34 rooms to accommodate their guests, it has different features that can satisfy a guest for a relaxing get-away , leisure, modern comforts, indulgent service and most of all, they offer an unforgettable cruise around Subic Bay on board their champion club racer. 

When I first heard about this place, i was really thrilled and delighted. We always love sea and  nature, a hotel with amazing service, a jacuzzi in your own room, a delicious sea food restaurant, an internet connection to visit my blog, a veranda overlooking the beautiful blue sky, a spa service in the comfort of your own room and a cozy, relaxing, exhilarating ambiance.  These are totally romantic and a luxurious vacation that you can cherish for a lifetime and all of these great amenities were catered by The Light House Marina Resort and to sum it all, they are offering a cruise, (Isn't that amazing?) It is always  my dream to ride on a cruise, watching the beautiful sky, sipping champagne , eating our favorite sumptous foods , laughing and enjoying the day with my family. 
We will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary as sweethearts this coming February, we wanted to have a big vacation but we are saving for hubby's examination this September and a romantic vacation would be set aside for the meantime. But if you would only ask me, I would really love to have a romantic, luxurious out-of-town vacation. It's a time for us to unwind also from our hectic lives as an employee and parent and winning a marvelous package like this is a truly dream come true. (Oh! How i wish, i am crossing my finger and praying to our dear God that he will grant my wish.) 

85% Recommend -  a proof that this hotel offers only the best !
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