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Sunday, February 21, 2010

One Journey, Hand in Hand, Heart to Heart.

    We started as an odd couple with different likes and points of views.  I  like to eat bread and coffee at breakfast while he prefer rice and viands. Funny and corny as it seems but we really begin our so called "love life" through exchanging letters, me thanking him for being so warm and understanding and he, just to be courteous. We never thought that something would come out on that exchange of letters but we know that right from the start God has a purpose for us to met on that unexpected place.
He is the happy one while I was very sensitive and crying lady. We never thought that were meant for each other but love divide our boundaries my husband quoted.    When were together we can conquer all trials. Our love makes us stronger, when things are not going well, we look at it on a positive way and we try to see the brighter side and find a way to solve the problem. 
We both love the nature, we love to walk at the beach, hand in hand and we can just stare with each other for a while without talking. Even though were busy with each others career, we make sure that we still have the time to talk and enjoy each other company.  Laughter as the saying goes is the best medicine. It's free and has no expiration.  Enjoying life and sharing the goodness of it makes our life extra special. 

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