My One True Love

Friday, February 05, 2010

 I missed the January Girl Talk for two reasons, My past is already past and was long gone. Second, I am busy promoting my contests finding sponsors and preparing for the baby campaign materials. Now, this february, I don't want to miss this beautiful meme.  

My one true Love, they say love only knocks once in our door and you should grab the opportunity when it comes.  I would say, I have not just grab it, i have also let him inside my world. My world is not as happy and good,  it was full of traumas, pains and trials but when I found My one true love, my life began to make sense, i have heard the music in my ears and my heart begins to sing.  Just like my fave Ever After Movie , i have found my prince charming, although not that much charming as in my dreams but kind enough to accept me for what I am. 

We have gone through many troubles and trials, heartache, fights, but as long as love was around us, we can surpassed every thing. 

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  1. You look good together, and seems to be a good pair together too.


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