A New Me

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

 New Gleeful,Gay and Gracious Me.

I used to be too skinny and with dark complexion in my teens, that is the main reason that I always wanted to be hidden on the back. My classmates often teases me for being a ugly duckling but I am not trying to get their attention, although at many times I tried to show my potentials but it was not that fruitful. I strive my best to finish my studies, juggling with my work and studies at night. I never had a chance to look out and check for myself , my first priority then was to get the best education, my family could not afford for me. 

But amidst the trial, It is always my dream to be more beautiful and whiter, I think that's one of every girl's desire but I hardly had a chance to buy any cosmetics or beauty products or even go to the salon  for that matter, that is another reason that inspires me to fulfill my dreams. I always told myself that true beauty cannot be seen in the outside but in the inner self of every person.

When I finished my studies, I moved miles away from Manila to Naga City , (a place I have never dreamed of living) to start my own family, that is when my transformation begins, my body started to gain weight, i don't look skinny anymore and my once gloomy eyes was shining with happiness and fulfillment.  Many of my elementary and high-school friends could not believe on what they are seeing, the once ugly duckling has just turned into a beautiful swan and I am more confident now and ready to face just anything. 

I am so thankful for what God has given me, He had answered my prayers  for giving me a supportive husband and a lovely daughter and He had given me strength to make it through the hard times.  Many of my friends were asking me about my secrets, "I said that there are no  secrets behind my transformation", I do believe that anybody can achieve their dreams, if only they will learn to first accept themselves and believe in their capabilities and be brave enough to face and try different things.

Now, I found a new product that can help me fulfill my dream of becoming whiter. Glutamax introduces their newest whitening collection that can give you whiter skin with an affordable price. I am one close step in achieving whiter and finer skin and it helps me more to believe that dreams do come true.
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  1. You looked great before & after.


  2. mas mukha kang bata ngayon, ganda!

    Extended ba ulit ang contest? I thought until Feb12 na lang?


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