How to create a Paypal Account for Beginners

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Did you shop often on the net, do you have a business or just a striving blogger like me. If you were one of the million people who used the internet for buying and selling different goods or using your blog for monetization, for sure, you have a Paypal account.  

Paypal provides many products such as payment for your online shopping on different sites, on Ebay or any establishment, sending money from 190 countries around the world, receiving payments and withdrawing it in Philippine currency. 

I have my Paypal account before I started blogging, i have used it for my Playfish payment , yes I was once hooked in Pet Society and I wanted my online pet equipped with all the beautiful things. I also used it for paying my Ebay purchases. Recently, i have linked my personal bank account to withdraw my earnings from contest winnings.  

But there are still many friends of mine who are asking me how to open an account in Paypal and how does it work. I hope this step by step procedure could give them an idea on how Paypal works. 
First, you need to Sign up for an account. 
   Choose your country-region. You will see three categories;
   Personal for individuals who only shop online
   Premiers for those who buy and sell online
   Business for merchants who uses company and group names. 

If you are a blogger and you want to make use of your blog for monetization, you need to choose Premiers to withdraw your funds . - Click the Get Started Button and Enter your information on the given boxes. On the portion for the credit card number, enter your credit card number and expiration date and the three digit verification number .(for visa and mastercard found on the back of your card)   or for Amex card the four digit verification number found on the front of your card.  

Now, if you are certain of your answer - you can click already that Agree and create account button. 
You will be then directed to your My Account -overview wherein you can see your account activities.  Of course you need to verify your e-mail address;

Go to Profile - add/edit your e-mail address, verify your e-mail account by accepting the e-mail sent by Paypal to your given e-mail add.  

Now, of course, you want to withdraw your earnings;

Go to Profile again, choose Add/Edit Bank Account
Add your bank account - some of the bloggers were using EON CyberAccount  for withdrawing their funds. * You need to pay Php. 350.00 to open an account from Union Bank. 

If you have your own personal bank account just like in my first paypal account, I used BDO then but now I am using my GSIS e-card for credit and debit transaction  * that's one of the privilege for being a government employee (ATLEAST MY GSIS account will be of use (LOL). 
Just fill up the boxes for the needed information, there is a portion for Bank Code, for the complete list of Paypal Bank Codes you can view here: Make sure that your bank account  number were the same because there is a Php. 250.00 return fee charge.

Now, the next thing you will do is to link and confirm your debit or credit card to lift your sending and withdrawal limits , you can find it on the small boxes just right side of your paypal account - overview .  You will be charged $ 1.95 but will be returned after you have made your  card confirmation. 

Now, you are ready to go shopping or receiving those hard-earned payments from your reviews, adsense or any payments you received from the net. 

Now, it's time to withdraw your earnings. There are two options;

You can withdraw  funds to your bank account , processing is 2 to 4 business days and to get if for free the amount should be higher than Php. 7,000.00 but don't worry, you can still withdraw them with a charge of  Php. 50.00. 
Withdraw funds to your card - a charge of Php. 250.00.  

Sending Money - you can send a payment for your online purchases or personal payments, just enter the e-mail address of the person/establishment you want to send the money, state your reason and your done. 

Request Money - you can request money on different currencies from anyone with e-mail addresses, just type the recipient e-mail address, choose between goods or services, press that continue button and confirm by clicking the Request Money.

Invoices- you can create invoices to bill your customers. Just fill up the necessary boxes. 
Hope this post can help you in any way.

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