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  1. Baby Contest:  (Babies 0 to 6 years old are free to join) Babies should be wearing something red to complement the Month of Hearts.

You must be a follower of BabiesandContests and My Journey to Life to enter the contest.  (Required)

Three winners will be chosen, the Baby who has the most number of votes will be named as Wonderful Baby of the Month, the second and third winners will be called 1st Princess/Prince and 2nd Princess/Prince respectively.

A title of MOST POPULAR BABY will be chosen with the most highest number of comments in our FaceBook Fan Page and BabiesandContests site. (The comment with the I VOTE will only be counted, one comment per one user)
A JUDGES PICK award will be given to one lucky baby who will be picked by our mommy judges.

One lucky WONDERFUL MOMMY will also take a beautiful prize as a token of her hardships and dedication.   (You must be a follower of my blogs to win)

This is an online POLL Voting – 1 I.P. Address per one vote.

  1. Blogging      Contest:  (The contest is open for      all, sponsors can also join)
Accomplish the required tasks to validate your entry, the rest are optional but the more you complete, the more points you will have and the more chances of winning.

Four winners will be chosen using Random Org.  There will be extra winner for the Special prize.

I will notify winners by e-mail. So, don’t forget to put your e-mail in your entry.  Winners will have 48 hours  to respond by e-mail. If after 48 hours, no confirmation is made, I will pick another winner.

You can enter up to 3 blogs.

Both Baby and Blogging Contest will run until the 28th day of February and winners will be announced on the 4TH day of March to give me time to validate all your entries and count all the votes.



Wonderful Baby of the Month Printable Certificate
3 Months Magazine Subscription – Disney’s Princess (girls) Playhouse Disney – (boys) (must be Metro Manila area for free delivery, province winner shall be the one to shoulder the shipping)
A beautiful Baby Gifts and Bag for Mommy from Mommy Jentel Jacinto of  Sophie Paris
Make-up Goodies from Mommy Clarissa of Kizuna

Wonderful Baby of the Month – 1st Princess/PrincePrintable Certificate Branded Baby Gift for Mommy and Baby from Mommy Riza of Crayonsnpencils
Wonderful Baby of the Month -  2nd Princess/Prince
Printable Certificate  and  Baby gifts from Mommy Maren

Most Popular Baby –  Printable Certificate
   Beautiful Gifts and GC  from Mommy Kitty of TotsthatCount

Judges Pick – Printable Certificates                                      

WONDERFUL MOMMY    - 3 months magazine subscription – Smart Parenting from My Journey to Life

1st Wonderful Blogger
One domain name for one year at GoDaddy  - Pinoy Blogger
(value at $10)
Template for Blogger or Wordpress – your own color choice - Wahmaholic
$5 Paypal  - My Journey to Life
$5 Paypal  - It's My party (and I'll cry if I want to)
$5   Paypal   -  Make Money Online
Post Signy - Letters that I’ll never send
Badges/Button  -  BabiesandContests
5000 EC - AnakniKulapo
5000 EC - Mommy Journey
2000 EC - Mumblings
1000 EC -  At Home Here
1000 EC - Dishes by Pehpot
1000 EC - Reviews Inc.
1000 EC -
1000 EC - Handy Reviews and Happythoughtshappytot
1000 EC - Random WAHM Thoughts
1000 EC - Make Money Online
2 months ad space  My Journey to Life
1 month ad space
1 month ad space  Home Buddies
1 month ad space Make or Break
1 month ad space
1 month ad space  Anothercontest
1 month ad space  Isherrygo
1 month ad space  Lurververything
1 month ad space  MyMomsBest
1 month ad space  Thereishappiness
1 month ad space  BabiesandContests
1 month ad space  Wonderful World of Peachy
1 month ad space  Novice on Blogging
1 month ad space  Yam’s Files
1 month ad space  Simple pero Rock
1 month ad space  Kizuna
1 month ad space  Bloguardian Hellsite : Overcashed 

2nd Wonderful Blogger
$5 Paypal  -  BrisbaneAustralia
$5 Paypal -  A Woman Remembers

10 gb Hosting  - My Little’s Angel Journey    
Post Signy  -      Letters that I’ll never send

5000 EC -  AnakniKulapo
2000 EC - Wonderful World of Peachy
2000 EC -  Mumblings
2000 EC-   Earn Money Online with Red
1000 EC -  Letters that I’ll never send
1000 EC -  Wahmaholic
1000 EC -  Online Mommy
1000 EC-   A Woman Remembers
1000 EC-  Adventures with Hyzyd
2 months ad space  My Journey to Life
1 month ad  space
1 month ad  space  Home Buddies
1 month ad  space  Bee Mommy
1 month ad  space  Mom’s Write for a Cause
1 month ad  space  Supladita
1 month ad  space  HeartRandom
1 month ad  space  Namesherry
1 month ad  space  Sherrygo
1 month ad  space  Twinshappiness
1 month ad  space  I’m a princess, all girls are
1 month ad  space  My Hand made crystal
1 month ad  space  My family daily adventure
1 month ad  space  Also Mommy
1 month ad  space  Wonderful World of Peachy
1 month ad  space  Earn money Online with Red
1 month ad  space  A Woman Remembers

1 week ad space and forever link to Pinoy Blogger

3rd Wonderful Blogger
$5  -     My thoughts, My heart, My turf
Favicon -  Wonderful World of Peachy
2000 EC-  Her and History
1000 EC -  Camerasexy
1000 EC -  Sexy blogging
1000 EC -  So Pweety
1000 EC - I Heart Contest
1000 EC -  Bacolod and Beyond Journey
1000 EC -  My fantasy blog
1000 EC -  I’m a princess, all girls are
1000 EC –  All about my life
1000 EC -  Jay L
1 month ad space   My thoughts, my heart, my turf
1 month ad space   My Journey to Life
2 months ad space My love, life and Motherhood Journey
1 month ad space  Home Buddies
1 month ad space  Novice on Blogging
1 month ad space  Mom’s Write for a Cause
1 month ad space  Oh-so-random
1 month ad space  BacolodandBeyondJourney
1 month ad space and 1,000 EC  His Unfailing Love
1 month ad space  TH Corner
1 month ad space   BabiesandContests
1 month ad space  Wonderful World of Peachy
1 month ad space  Pinkville - Pink & Magic Convergence Zone

1 month ad space  Spread the Word
1 month ad space   Fashion Explorer
1 month ad space   Tasty Exploration


SPECIAL WINNER  of 1 year ad space – BabiesandContests
3 sewing online tutorials from Whimsy couture Boutique

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  1. can i still join? how will i submit my babies picture? thanks!

  2. Im glad your site is working now sis, coz the last time I was here to leave message for sponsorship, nawala ang bigla ang tao sa computer screen ko dahil sa pop up, and when i added this site hindi ko ma view baby blog ko. sorry tinanggal ko. Now since it working and i can view it pretty well im gonna add this to my baby blog again. followed your blog sis. take care and goodluck sa baby contest! Great contest. was here to vote pinaymommyonline son.

  3. Hi Mel,

    Do you have a 125/x125 version of your contest banner so I can post it on my sidebar?

  4. I will try to join this week sis, sorry, medyo hindi pa naka power up, I'll be back

  5. hi sis! just let me know if you need me to send you the ec credits and money na, ha? you can shoot me an email or leave a comment sa blog ko if ever.

    btw, i've a tag for you here:

  6. Hi melandria, here's the layout you asked for:
    here's the demo:
    hope you like it ^_^

  7. Hi again melandria, I'm glad you used the layout... But it needs a little arrangement on your widget to fix it, especially the element after the header...just do a little tweaks and you'll get it right... ^_^

  8. ^Nice layout.

    Sis ria, san yung contest mechanics po. Thanks! Btw, i reposted your review of sword HERE


  9. wow, this is exciting.
    btw i grabbed your badge, added your link, and followed you too.. happy Vday!

  10. Just checking out the BC Bloggers Participants. The list would be given out tomorrow.
    WAHM sa Pinas

  11. sis! could you send me your paypal address so i can send the money for the contest already? thanks! :-)


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