Round #2 of the YugaTech Great Gadget Giveway — Gimme your best shot!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

After the successful Real Leaf Green Tea contest, Yuga Tech is having again another Great Gadget Giveaway.  Yes, another give-away. I know you are all looking forward to win, just as me, so, here is what you need to do, 

Go to the most crowded place and have your picture taken holding the sign “Follow @abeolandres and @talk2globe on Twitter! “.


your submission on Flickr, PixLink, Picasa, Facebook, or any of your favorite photo-sharing site. Name your photos as “yugatechcontest.jpg” before uploading and/or include a tag “yugatech contest” when applicable. You can even put it on your blog and write about the ordeal of getting that difficult shot. 

What's in store for the lucky winners?

MSI Wind U123H — for the most difficult, most creative that draws the biggest crowd attention or impact. I’ll pick 5 finalists and ask a panel of judges (TBA) to win the top prize. The runners-up get a Globe Tattoo.
If you posted your entry on Facebook and get as many people to “Like” the photo, you win 5 Globe Tattoo and five Php500 Globe Load. That’s top 10 with the most “Likes”.

If you posted your entry on PixLink, Yuga Tech will  randomly pick 5 entries to win a Globe Tattoo each.
If you blogged about your entry and linked back to the contest page, he will  also pick 10 entries randomly to win five Globe Tattoo and five Php500 Globe call card.

He will also be running a Google Image Search and pick 5 random images on the front page of the search
results and give them a prize as well (Php500 Globe call card each).

 Contest starts  February 3, and ends February 26.  Hurry join now!

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