Something To Live By

Monday, February 08, 2010

There's something to live by in everything
There's melody in the woods where creatures sing; 
There's beauty in everything that God as made
Even in the grass over someone's grave. 

There's something to live by in our faith
That God has placed us where we wait; 
With a ray of hope within our hearts
That maybe someday we shall never part

There's something to live by when we greet
The same dear face we always meet;
Whose eyes light up with no misgiving
When back to them we come returning.

There's something to live by when we hope 
That maybe someday we never shall cope 
With the sad plight that our lives bring
When in our hearts of hope we sing. 

                                          A poem by my loving Grandmother, Mauricia S. De Guzman
                                                               Off and On Scribbles 
                                                         In Memoriam - 1914-2006

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