Valentine Raffle Promo

Friday, February 05, 2010

Bubblewrap is having a Valentine Raffle Contest for everyone.  Beautiful prizes worth Php. 1,100 Pesos awaits one lucky winner; 

  Croc skin jewelry case which holds 16 earrings, up to 20 rings
or 4-5 bangles / watches and 8 necklaces. 
Perfect for traveling or keeping in your drawer.
•  1 Pair of purple and bronze Egyptian-inspired earrings
•  1 Bronze Egyptian-inspired bangle
•  1 Stretchable glass-beaded bracelet
•  1pc. 18K Gold Plated Bangkok Gold necklace


How to Join?

1.  If you are on Facebook, be a FAN of Bubblewrap on Facebook.  Leave a comment on this page if you are a fan! (2 raffle entries)

2.  Again, if you have a Facebook account, post this on your status "I'm a Bubblewrap fan, how about you?" and add a link back to our page: (2 raffle entries)

3.  Write a blog entry in your Multiply about "how I plan to make Valentine's Day special for my loved one" and add a one-liner about how Bubblewrap can help make Valentine's Day special for everyone.  Leave a comment and add a link to your post. (5 raffle entries)

4.  Blog about this promo in your other blogs (Blogspot, Wordpress, etc.).  Make a comment and add a linkback to your blog. (2 raffle entries)

So simple, right? So, what are you waiting now, go to their BubbleWrap Multiply Site to learn more.

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