Broken Remote Control

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yesterday, while waiting for my turn to use the computer, I and Peachy watch Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief on DVDI do enjoy watching the movie because the graphics and effects were really great although I have a little bit comment about it, would you believe that Zeus is already living at the Empire state building.  Wow, that's a big imagination. While we were watching, i stand up to prepare a light snack because dinner will be served soon while I was busy preparing for my snacks, I did not notice that my daughter is already  holding the remote control and all of a sudden it went up on the air and landed on the floor with its parts exposed. I could not get angry with her because I know that it was not really her fault because she is just trying to give me the remote  control but then I cannot let her action pass and I reprimand her that instance. 

But the sad part, we cannot use the remote control anymore and I really need a replacement for it. So, that evening, i tried to look in the internet to replace our broken remote control and found this site who offers a Direct TV replacement remote control. Yes, this product is not just for television but can also be used for other appliances and it was really affordable. A great find for a very reasonable price.

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