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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Congratulations to our graduates of 2010. It's been years when I graduated from college and I still remember it so well.  I was really excited and would you believe that the skirt I have used was really hand sewed by my father.  I wanted to wear my red blouse that day but I have no skirt considering that I really don't wear dresses. So, my father suggested to me to  buy a black fabric for a skirt and he actually sew it with his own hands. I did not really mind what I am wearing that day, all I was thinking is the idea that I have already made it through college and I can find a good paying job right away.  

But another problem arises when I am looking for a job, yes, I have my credentials.  I am ready to face any challenges, examinations, interviews but then another hurdle came in my path.  I have no dresses to wear for the interviews.  It was quite frustrating, luckily I have friends who are very much willing to lend me.  

One of the important factor in looking for a job is to look presentable and wearing the right outfit is a plus factor for you. Remember that first impression last and you don't want to feel that you were not hired only because you are not wearing the right attire.   


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